PM Modi accuses KCR govt of creating political dynasties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the TRS government  in Telangana on Thursday, saying that when parties committed to one family come to power, members of that family become the most visible faces of corruption. 

PM Modi, speaking at a public forum in the state, said, "Due to political dynasties, the country's youth and talents are denied the opportunity to enter politics. Parivarwad ruins such youth's dreams and shuts all doors in their faces. As a result, emancipation from dynasties and family parties is also a resolution for India in the twenty-first century."

"When parties loyal to a single-family come to power in Telangana, the members of that family become the most visible faces of corruption. Telangana residents are witnessing how family celebrations thrive and replenish their coffers "He went on to say. When political dynasties are removed from office, new possibilities for development open up, Prime Minister said. "It is now the obligation of my Telangana brothers and sisters to carry this movement further," he said.

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