PM Modi Addresses G20 University Connect Finale, Highlights India's Diplomatic and Scientific Successes

New Delhi: In a recent address at the G20 University Connect Finale held at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proudly showcased India's remarkable diplomatic and scientific achievements over the past month. The Prime Minister emphasized that India's diplomatic endeavors had reached unprecedented heights during this period, and the results were apparent, with six additional countries joining the BRICS community due to India's concerted efforts.

One of the key highlights of PM Modi's address was the commendation of India's successful launch of the Chandrayaan-3 mission. This achievement catapulted India into an elite group of nations, becoming the fourth country to successfully land on the Moon. The significance of this feat reverberated worldwide, firmly establishing India's prowess in space exploration. During his speech, Prime Minister Modi reminisced about the bustling atmosphere at Bharat Mandapam just two weeks prior when India played host to the G20 Summit. He expressed his satisfaction in witnessing the same venue, now graced by the future of India, the nation's youth. He celebrated the role of these young individuals in making the G20 Summit a resounding success, emphasizing that when youth take the reins of organizing an event, its success becomes inevitable.

The Prime Minister also shared an exciting development on the economic front, revealing that Saudi Arabia was planning to invest a staggering $100 billion in India. Furthermore, he recounted his engagements with an impressive roster of 85 world leaders over the past 30 days. PM Modi acknowledged the daunting task of uniting numerous nations on a single platform in today's polarized international climate. He encouraged the youth to draw inspiration from India's recent achievements and to channel their energy and talent towards shaping a brighter future for both the nation and the world.

In essence, Prime Minister Modi's address celebrated India's recent successes, both on the diplomatic and scientific fronts. It underscored the importance of youth involvement in shaping the nation's destiny and urged them to take pride in their role as architects of India's future prosperity. The announcements regarding substantial investments and international engagements signified India's growing stature on the global stage, reinforcing its potential for positive change and progress.

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