PM Modi gives 18,000 crore rupees to Uttarakhand, know its specialty

Dehradun: PM Narendra Modi is on a visit to Dehradun on Saturday. Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone and dedicated 18,000 crore rupees worth of schemes in Dehradun before next year's assembly elections in Uttarakhand. Thereafter, he also addressed a public meeting at the parade ground. Uttarakhand is not only a land of faith but also of karma and hardness of the entire country, says PM Modi. Therefore, the development of this sector, giving a huge shape to this sector, is the top priority of the Government of double engines. After years of hard work, after going through many necessary procedures, this day has finally come. I said from the holy land of Kedarpuri and today I am repeating from Dehradun, these projects will play an important role in making this decade a decade of Uttarakhand.

Highlights of PM Modi's address:-
Atalji started a campaign to enhance connectivity in India at the beginning of this century, but after that there was a Government in the country for 10 years which wasted the precious time of the country, uttarakhand. For 10 years, there were scams, scams in the name of infrastructure in the country. We worked twice as fast and are still doing it today to compensate for the loss suffered by this country. Today, India is moving ahead with the intention of investing more than Rs.100 lakh crores on modern infrastructure. Today, India's policy is to work at double-three times the speed. In the 21st century, India is having a mahayagya of connectivity that will play a big role in bringing the future India into a series of developed countries. A sacrificial fire of this mahayagya is taking place in Devbhoomi today. Before the Kedarnath tragedy, 5 lakh 70 thousand people visited in 2012. It was a record at that time. While more than 10 lakh people had visited Kedarnath ji in 2019 before the corona period began. Today, I am very happy that the foundation stone of delhi-dehradun economic corridor has been laid. When it is ready, the time taken to travel from Delhi to Dehradun will be almost half.

BJP launches Mission Uttarakhand:-
Thus, the BJP Mission is going to make a grand start to 2022. According to reports, the 11 projects that Prime Minister Modi has laid the foundation stone include the Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor (Eastern Peripheral Expressway Junction to Dehradun). Prime Minister Modi also laid the foundation stone of the 'Child Friendly City Project' in Dehradun to make the city child friendly by making roads safer.

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