'Wait outside for 2 days if terrorist enters the house', Congress leader Ghulam Nabi to Indian Army

Srinagar: Veteran Congress leader and former CM Ghulam Nabi Azad has raised questions over the anti-terror operation by security forces in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Speaking at Rajouri in Kashmir on Friday (December 3rd), the Congress leader exhorted the soldiers to save the lives of the common people during military operations. He termed the death of civilians during the encounter as a snake-ladder-like situation.



According to Ghulam Nabi Azad, when ordinary citizens die, terrorism increases even more in anger. The soldiers should not be fussy. Don't decide whether to kill the fleeing terrorist in every case. In a house where there are terrorists, the family does not necessarily have sheltered them. In very few cases, it happens that there is connivance between terrorists and family members. He said the fleeing terrorists often enter the house of an innocent. Then the young men blow up the whole house from which some innocent people die. This has a wrong effect on the image of the Army.

The Congress leader further said, 'Thousands of soldiers have been martyred in anti-terrorist operations. Even as a CM, I have seen that a terrorist on the run usually enters through an open door. He does not know anything about the family and the family members do not know anything about him. When I was the CM, I used to say keep the house surrounded. Kill him when he will come out after 2 days. No doctor has said that he has to be killed now. Rest of the security forces are doing a fine job.

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