Humanity shamed: Due to superstition, father cut his son into 7 pieces.

Bhopal: A shocking case has recently come to light from Madhya Pradesh. In fact, here in Alirajpur, a father killed his son. Yes, he cut the son into 7 pieces, and the only reason was that the father suspected the son of being a shadow of a ghost. In this case, Alirajpur SDOP Shraddha Sonkar says, "In Kharkhari village of the district, a father hacked his innocent 5-year-old son to 7 pieces with an axe and killed him. '

He further said that when questioned, the accused father Dinesh Dawar said that his wife had been in poor health ever since she had a son. Moreover, the atmosphere in the house was also not good and there were a lot of problems. In view of all this, he considers a woman living in a nearby village as his guru mata. He told him all these things. The woman then described her son as being overshadowed by ghosts.

After learning this, the father stabbed the 5-year-old son with an axe, cut him into seven pieces and buried the body in the ground. Further in the case, SDOP Shraddha Sonkar said that police have arrested the accused father Dinesh Dawar. A search is also on for the woman who described her son as a shadow of ghosts.

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