Maha: Man kills sister, keeps corpse at home, surrenders due to foul smell
Maha: Man kills sister, keeps corpse at home, surrenders due to foul smell

Mumbai: Maharashtra just witnessed very shocking news. In reality, a young man had assassinated his sister in this town. Ulhasnagar in Thane district is claimed to be the location of the case. The guy concealed his corpse inside the house for a few days after his sister was murdered, according to information collected in the case. When the corpse began to decompose and a bad odour began to spread, the teenager went to the police station and surrendered.

Yogesh, 45, had an argument with his sister Aruna, according to a Central Police Station officer. Soon after, the argument became so heated that he killed his sister. Yogesh, who was imprisoned for killing his wife six years ago, was granted bail by his sister, according to authorities. According to authorities, the two had a fight a few days before Yogesh murdered Aruna with a sharp weapon. He concealed his dead corpse in the home after killing, but when the room began to stink, he went to the police station and confessed to his crime.

The case is currently being investigated thoroughly by the police. The accused is believed to be in a bad mental state, according to the police. In this instance, the accused is being interrogated on a regular basis.

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