PM Modi Gives BJP 'Mantra' to Win 2024 National Elections

New Delhi: At a meeting of party MPs today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave BJP leaders a campaign slogan to use in their fight against anti-incumbency in the general elections of 2024. There won't be any anti-incumbency, he said, if the party's lawmakers engage the electorate.

Party MPs ought to visit their districts and maintain contact with the general public, said PM Modi, who was speaking at the first BJP parliamentary party gathering following the February 1 Budget declaration. Even though it was the final comprehensive budget before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi claimed that "no one has the audacity to call it a 'chunavi' Budget (Budget affected by polls)".

He urged every MP to visit their areas and "speak to the people about what they have obtained from the Budget," saying that "the poor and marginalised were the focus of the budget."

Prior to this, the prime minister had emphasised the significance of voter outreach. He requested the party officials get ready for the Lok Sabha elections at the BJP National Executive last month.

"There are 400 days left till the significant Lok Sabha elections, and we must do everything in our power to serve the public. We must write history "During the two-day meeting, he said something, according to senior BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis.

In addition, PM Modi urged BJP members to engage with all sections of society without regard to electoral outcomes. He told the 350 or so party members present: "The BJP is no longer only a political organisation; it is now a social movement seeking to improve socio-economic conditions.

The BJP will run for re-election in 2019 and is hoping to overcome any anti-incumbent feeling following its ten-year rule.

The BJP increased the number of "tough" Lok Sabha seats it intends to win in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from 144 to 160 in December. These additions primarily came from Bihar, where it would run in the majority of the seats by itself after severing ties with Nitish Kumar's JD (U).

Prior to the 2019 elections, the BJP had created a comparable list and had won a sizable number of them. Compared to 282 in 2014, it got 303 members in the 543-member Parliament in 2019.

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