PM Modi has not visited in Varanasi villages since last five years: Priyanka Gandhi

Apr 24 2019 05:28 PM
PM Modi has not visited in Varanasi villages since last five years: Priyanka Gandhi

New Delhi: On Wednesday, the Congress party hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving an interview to Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar today morning, and said that the PM should instead speak to the farmers of India. Priyanka Gandhi said, according to a video accessed by Times Now “Kal aapne dekha hoga bade bade apne netaon ka interview karte hue lekin kabhi janta ke beech mein unhe nahi dekha hoga... Main Varanasi gayi, waha mujhe pata chala ki 5 saalon mein ek gaon mein nahi gaye hain (These days you must be seeing seen your big politicians giving interviews but you won’t see them come among you. I went to Varanasi recently and I came to know that in the past five years the Prime Minister hasn’t gone to any village,”.

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The Congress general secretary for eastern Uttar Pradesh also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “should speak to farmers, they do not ask pleasing questions like actors”. Earlier in the day, while speaking at a rally in UP’s Fatehpur, she said, “Inko ye sanak hai, mere pariwar ke baare mein hi baat karte rehte hain. 50% inka jo chunaavi bhashan hota hai yahi hota hai ki Nehru ji ne kya kiya, Indira Gandhi ne kya kiya. Lekin ye nahi batayenge ki 5 saal mein inhone kya kiya (He is fixated about my family, keeps talking about them. At least 50% of his political speeches are comprised of ‘Nehru did this, Indira Gandhi did that’. But, he will not say what he has done in the past five years),” she said. Yesterday evening, Priyanka took another dig at PM Modi and posted a video of the preparations being laid out for the PM’s welcome in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh.

The video shows water tankers being emptied on the roads for cleaning purposes which she claims is being done ahead of the Prime Minister’s arrival in the region. Times Now, however, couldn’t verify the authenticity of the video.

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“Jab poora Bundelkhand, wahan ke nar naari, school ke bachhe, faslein aur pashu-pakshi bhayankar sookhe ka aatank jhel rahe hain, humare pradhan pracharmantri ke swagath ka paani tankeron se Banda ki sadkon par udhela ja raha hai... Yah chowkidar hai ya Dilli se padhare koi shehenshah? (When the whole of Bundelkhand, the women and men there, school-going children, crops, cattle and birds are all suffering from severe drought, drinking water is being blown by tankers on the roads of Banda in the reception of our Prime Minister. Is he a chowkidar (watchman) or an emperor from Delhi?)” she had said in her post.

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