PM Modi Inaugurated New Nalanda University Campus in Bihar, Highlighted Vision for Education
PM Modi Inaugurated New Nalanda University Campus in Bihar, Highlighted Vision for Education

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new campus of Nalanda University in Rajgir, Bihar, on Wednesday. The event was attended by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Governor Rajendra V Arlekar, and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar.

Addressing the ceremony, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar welcomed PM Modi, saying, "I congratulate and thank him. When I got to know that you are coming here, I was very happy..."

Here are the top 10 quotes from PM Modi's speech at the Nalanda University launch:

"I am happy that I got the opportunity to visit Nalanda within 10 days after swearing in as PM for the 3rd time... Nalanda is not just a name, it is an identity and respect. Nalanda is a value and mantra... fire can burn books but it can't destroy knowledge."

"Nalanda was once the epicentre of India's educational identity. Education goes beyond borders, profits, and losses. Education shapes our thoughts and behaviour."

"During ancient times, admission to Nalanda University was not based on the nationality of the student. People from different walks of life used to come here in pursuit of education."

"Nalanda will stand as a testimony to the fact that nations that are founded on strong human values are the nations which revive the past and lay the foundation for a better future."

"Nalanda is not only the renaissance for India's heritage but also of the collective heritage of Asia and the world. Various nations have contributed to the reconstruction of Nalanda. I thank all of you for your efforts and trust in us."

"Nalanda University is working towards making ASEAN-India University network... Many leading global institutions have joined in, and the 21st century is being called the Asian century."

"My mission is to make India the centre of education and knowledge to the world. My mission is to again make India's identity emerge as the world's most prominent knowledge centre... today more than 1 crore children are getting the benefits of exposure to the latest technology in Atal Tinkering Lab..."

"The rebuilding of Nalanda is going to start the golden era of India... Nalanda's reawakening, this new campus, will give the world an introduction to India's capability..."

"Nalanda is the first-ever campus in India which will work on the model of - Net Zero energy, Net Zero emissions, Net Zero waste - Working on the idea of 'Be your own light', this campus will guide the world."

"Nalanda University will soon become an important centre for our cultural exchange programmes. Documentation of various artworks from India and Southeast Asia is being undertaken here... Common Archival Resources Centre is also being established here."

The new campus of Nalanda University marks a significant step towards promoting education and cultural exchange, reflecting PM Modi's vision for a prosperous and knowledgeable India.

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