PM Modi Speaks at NEP 3-Year Anniversary: India - A Nursery of Possibilities
PM Modi Speaks at NEP 3-Year Anniversary: India - A Nursery of Possibilities

NEW DELHI: Addressing the 3-year anniversary of the National Education Policy (NEP), Prime Minister Modi highlighted India's role as a nursery of new possibilities, drawing attention from numerous countries seeking to establish Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) campuses. 

Currently, two IIT campuses in Tanzania and Abu Dhabi are on the brink of commencing operations. Furthermore, various global universities are expressing keen interest in setting up campuses within India's borders, showcasing India's growing significance on the global educational landscape.

During his speech, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of evaluating youngsters based on their talents rather than their language, stressing that the NEP promotes this approach. The policy strives to integrate traditional knowledge systems with futuristic knowledge, recognizing the value of both.

PM Modi asserted the need to embrace futuristic technologies, noting that concepts once limited to science fiction, like artificial intelligence, are now part of our daily lives. He advocated for liberating students from the undue pressure of conventional learning and encouraged the inclusion of subjects such as disaster management, climate change, and clean energy in school curriculums.

The two-day Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam, hosted at Pragati Maidan's Bharat Mandapam, witnessed Prime Minister Modi's release of funds under the PM Shri scheme. Additionally, he unveiled education and skill curriculum books translated into 12 languages, promoting accessibility and inclusivity.

The PM Schools for Rising India (SHRI) scheme, approved by the union cabinet, aims to develop over 14,500 schools across the nation, furthering the government's commitment to educational progress and advancement.

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