PM Modi's Response to Question on Allegations of Being Against Tamil Language and Trying to Impose Hindi
PM Modi's Response to Question on Allegations of Being Against Tamil Language and Trying to Impose Hindi

New Delhi: For the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, BJP leaders are holding several rallies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is engaged in vigorous campaigning to reach the common people and is enumerating the achievements of his government. Meanwhile, he gave an interview to a Tamil website, where he took a sharp aim at the DMK-led government in the state. Along with that, he also discussed the position of the BJP in the state. When asked by the Prime Minister Modi that the DMK is alleging that you are against the Tamil language and trying to impose Hindi, in response to this question, PM Modi said that every inch of this country is sacred for him. Similarly, the languages of the country are sacred too. The National Education Policy is also based on this foundation. Any student studying in any school in the country can learn Tamil. We have made it possible for the first time to write all government exams, CPAPF, exams, bank exams in Tamil.

Prime Minister Modi said that our government is also making technical subjects like engineering available in Indian languages. There is no need to separately mention my love and respect for Tamil. I am proud to say that it is the oldest language in the world. Tamil is popularly known as Kashi Sangam and Saurashtra Sangam. Whatever I do, DMK only wants to reap political benefits. How can those who oppose establishing parliamentary control feel a real connection with Tamil? Prime Minister Modi was asked why the people of Tamil Nadu have been voting only for two Dravidian parties for a long time, why should they choose BJP in this election? Answering this question, Prime Minister Modi said that the reason for voting for those parties one after the other is that the people of Tamil Nadu have not yet found any alternative arrangement that is satisfactory for them.

PM Modi said that he hates corruption, bribery, and dynastic politics. He feels that no one thinks about the welfare of the voting public. The BJP is not contesting elections in Tamil Nadu for the first time. We have MPs, MLAs. We urge people to vote for the BJP as an alternative to Dravidian parties with confidence. I hope that the people of Tamil Nadu, who want development and change, will definitely support us. Prime Minister Modi, in response to a question about developed India, said that my reference to developed India is one that has progressed in all sectors. India, where every citizen has access to world-class medical facilities at a low cost. The victory cry of the country echoes around the world. This is the India that I want to see. We have been working in this direction for the past 10 years. Work in this direction will be accelerated in the next 5 years.

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