PM Modi's Top Quotes from Lok Sabha: Reflecting on Democracy and Governance
PM Modi's Top Quotes from Lok Sabha: Reflecting on Democracy and Governance

As the 18th Lok Sabha began its inaugural session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized his commitment to inclusive governance, aiming to unite all sections of society. He strongly criticized the Congress for the Emergency era, labeling it a dark chapter in democracy when the Constitution was disregarded.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha with poignant reflections on India's democratic journey and the responsibilities ahead. Here are the key highlights from his speech:

1. Historic Third Term:
PM Modi underscored the significance of the recent elections, marking only the second instance after independence where a government has been elected for a third consecutive term.

2. Commemorating June 25th:
Reflecting on the historical blot on India's democracy, PM Modi recalled the events of June 25th, 50 years ago, when democracy was suppressed, and the Constitution was disregarded, pledging to ensure such incidents never recur.

3. Resolution for Democracy:
Emphasizing the need to protect India's Constitution and democratic traditions, PM Modi called upon the nation to resolve that such an assault on democracy, as witnessed 50 years ago, never happens again.

4. Commitment to Vibrant Democracy:
PM Modi affirmed his commitment to uphold vibrant democracy and fulfill the dreams of the common people in line with the Constitution's principles.

5. Threefold Victory:
Expressing gratitude for the mandate given by the people for a third term, PM Modi described it as a grand victory and pledged to work diligently to achieve significant results.

6. Importance of Consensus:
Highlighting the essence of consensus in governance, PM Modi stressed its importance alongside majority rule for effective administration.

7. Triple Efforts for Triple Results:
PM Modi assured the public that his government would work three times harder in its third term to deliver three times the results, aligning with the expectations and trust placed upon them.

8. Inaugurating New Parliament:
PM Modi welcomed MPs to the new Parliament, marking the first oath-taking ceremony in its premises post-independence, emphasizing the significance of the occasion.

9. Governance Through Consensus:
Reflecting on the past decade, PM Modi reiterated his government's commitment to governance through consensus-building, essential for the country's progress.

10. Vision for 'Shreshta Bharat' and 'Viksit Bharat':
PM Modi concluded by outlining his vision for a 'Shreshta Bharat' (Exemplary India) and 'Viksit Bharat' (Developed India) in the 18th Lok Sabha session, aiming for a prosperous and developed nation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to the Lok Sabha resonated deeply with reflections on India's democratic journey and the responsibilities ahead. From commemorating historical milestones to outlining commitments for a vibrant democracy and promising triple efforts for triple results, PM Modi's speech underscored the government's resolve to uphold constitutional values and fulfill the aspirations of the electorate. With a focus on consensus-building and a vision for a prosperous India, his words echoed a commitment to inclusive governance and national development in the 18th Lok Sabha session.

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