Mann Ki Baat: PM spoke openly on the power of youth, says, 'We all feel that this generation is very talented'
Mann Ki Baat: PM spoke openly on the power of youth, says, 'We all feel that this generation is very talented'

The year 2019 is coming to an end, while addressing the last word of mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed indirect concern over the violence related to the citizenship law. He said that the youth of our country are against anarchy. The country has high hopes from them.

He said that we all feel that this generation is very talented. This is the era of social media. People also follow the system and if the system does not do the right thing, then they are also restless and ask questions. The youth of our country hates anarchy, they do not like discrimination.

Apart from this, PM Modi said that the moment of farewell of 2019 is with us, now we will not only enter the new year, but will enter the new decade. In this, those people who have been born in the 21st century will play an active role in accelerating the development of the country.

Swami Vivekananda had said that our faith is in the younger generation. He said, the value of youth can neither be judged nor described. This is the most valuable period. According to Vivekananda ji, youth is one who is full of energy and has the power to change. Kanyakumari remains a pilgrimage area for the world. The memorial of Swamiji has inspired people of all ages to become patriotic.

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