PM reiterated for holding general, state elections together
PM reiterated for holding general, state elections together



New Delhi [India], Jan. 20 (NT): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday once again put his wish to hold general elections and state polls simultaneously.

In an exclusive interview to Zee News, Prime Minister Modi said holding parliamentary and assembly elections individually has proved damaging to the centralized structure of the nation.

"The country is always in the election mode. It affects governance, country's security and costs lots of money," Prime Minister Modi said.

Giving the exemplar of expenditure over conducting Polls, the Prime Minister said, "The cost of 2009 Lok Sabha polls was over Rs. 1,100 crore that went up to Rs 4,000 crore in 2014. Holding all elections together will save lots of money."

PM also stated that regular elections in the nation had been impacting country's security set-up as a lot of security workforce have to be deployed for the election responsibility.

"Many top bureaucrats are also made observers during the elections that also hamper governance," Prime Minister Modi said in worry.

PM repeated the elections should be held like a festival at a firmly fixed time. (NT)



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