Police insult Nitish govt minister due to collector-SP, House shocked

Patna: Police personnel controlling the movement of Vehicle at the gate of Bihar assembly complex insulted the Nitish government minister on Thursday. When the news reached the Assembly, the House expressed surprise. State Labour Resources Minister Jibesh Kumar Mishra said in the House that he went late as traffic police personnel stopped. They did not allow the Patna District Collector and The SP to enter the premises till the Vehicle  passed by.

Addressing the same Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha, Minister Mishra said, "I thought it could be the CM or your car, but later it was found that it was a convoy of district collector and SSP, so I was stunned. Is the District Collector and the SSP bigger than the Minister? Opposition, especially RJD MLAs Alok Mehta, Lalit Yadav, Prahlad Yadav and Congress' Ajit Sharma and CPI(M) Male's Mehboob Alam reacted sharply to the minister's insult.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said that it has been the practice of this House that not only ministers but every member is considered a part of the government. Thus, insulting a Member is a serious matter. Since the incident took place within the assembly premises, it is the prerogative of the Speaker to decide on the action, but the government promises to take adequate action on its part. Speaker Sinha said it is a very serious matter. I had emphasized the need to maintain the dignity of the House on the opening day of the current session. The matter will be considered by the Business Advisory Committee.

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