Political war starts in United States, Trump orders injury against his rival Biden
Political war starts in United States, Trump orders injury against his rival Biden

Washington: US President Donald Trump has announced an investigation against his rival and Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. President Trump has called Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday to order an inquiry into the issue. The main thing is that Trump's order comes at a time when there are only two weeks left in the presidential election. Trump's move has intensified politics in the United States. While the Democratic Party is in the MP from the investigation process, the opposition is accusing President Trump of using the Ministry of Justice very much. The Democrats have to speak that Trump is politicising the Ministry of Justice in the election.

President-elect's first investigation to be completed: Trump said in an interview with Fox & Friends, "The investigation process should be expedited in the wake of the Presidential election on November 3." President Trump called Barr for the first time for the investigation. The President said Barr should not delay the work. "The investigation process should be completed before the Presidential election so that the truth will come to the fore. He advised Barr that someone is required to be appointed to expedite the investigation.

Ukraine's energy company accused of helping: Media reports say Hunter has accused Joe Biden of aiding a Ukraine energy company. The news has mentioned 2 e-mails. It was clear from this mail that Hunter Biden had been sent to a senior officer of the Energy Company of Ukraine. Hunter was part of that company at that time. In that email in May 2014, the company's board advisor spoke to Hunter to use his influence to help the company. Hunter met his father from the officer who was holding the post of Vice president at that time. Another mail sent in April 2015, is to thank Hunter in this mail.

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