Pooja Bhatt, who has been addicted to alcohol, said this about drugs

Sep 17 2020 10:26 AM
Pooja Bhatt, who has been addicted to alcohol, said this about drugs

Actress and director Pooja Bhatt has their opinion on every issue that begins in Bollywood. They have been seen to be involved many times in any kind of debate in Bollywood. Now, recently, he has tried to raise the voice of those who are on the margins with one of his tweets, which often is less talked about. Recently, Pooja Bhatt has made a tweet and through this tweet, he has said that those who come from a very poorer section, for whom everyday life is a struggle, are they taking a listen. Not only that, but the pooja also said that millions of people can suffer from depression because of unemployment and turn to intoxication and we need to help each other.

You can see a tweet he writes: 'Does anyone care about people who live on the ultimate fringe of society,who use drugs to make the pain of living go away? The ones who are too battered & broken to chase dreams but chase substances amidst much poverty & squalor? Anyone interested in their rehabilitation? " At the same time, Pooja has tweeted a user's tweet and wrote: "And countless others.. from various walks of life. COVID-19 is going to leave millions unemployed. The pandemic has already played havoc. Depression is on the rise.People will turn to intoxicants to cope with the sheer ordeal of living.We need to help each other heal not vilify. '

You will all know that Pooja Bhatt himself has been addicted to alcohol intoxication. Once she herself said that alcohol was found in every round, whether your films are successful or you fail and it is recognized in the society also. Because of that, she has been addicted to alcohol for many years, but now she has left this habit.

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