Fack Fact: Jaipur girl Pooja married Lord Vishnu
Fack Fact: Jaipur girl Pooja married Lord Vishnu

Some time ago, a case came into discussion. The case was related to 30-year-old Pooja Singh, a resident of Narsinghpura village near Govindgarh in Jaipur. There were reports about Pooja Singh that she has married Lord Vishnu. On December 8, Pooja Singh got married to Lord Vishnu and filled vermillion on her forehead. After that Pooja Singh said that she was upset with the taunts of people. She had already decided not to get married. Seeing the husband-wife quarrel, she thought that she would not get married, although people in the society started taunting her. Pooja Singh found a way to avoid these taunts. 


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Let us tell you that 30-year-old Pooja Singh married Thakurji in the village temple. The wedding took place on December 8. It was reported that after this marriage, Pooja stays at her house and takes prasad to the temple in the morning for Thakurji. She makes costumes for him and goes for darshan in the evening too. However, Pooja also posted all the photos on her Instagram and now she has made a big revelation by sharing another post.


Pooja says, 'Please do not compare me with Meera, the marriage has definitely taken place according to all the rituals, the marriage I have done is for the prevention of Mangala Dosha. Which the media did not tell. If anyone's sentiments have been hurt, I apologize. I got married only to remove my Dosha.' On the other hand, a post is also going viral in which it has been told - 'She was to be married to someone else but there was a Dosha, so there is a method to remove the Dosha by marrying Thakurji... Which made such big news... She has 13 thousand followers on Instagram ID and also makes modern-type reels. In which devotion is not seen anywhere.' Some users have called Pooja Kalyugi Meera and wrote that she just pretended this to increase followers.

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