Pope Francis Emphasizes St. Mother Mary as the First Apostolic Disciple
Pope Francis Emphasizes St. Mother Mary as the First Apostolic Disciple

In a gathering with pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Osamis in the Philippines, Pope Francis highlighted the significant role of the Holy Mary as the exemplar in welcoming God into our lives. The pontiff expressed that the Mother of God stood as the initial apostolic disciple, setting a precedent for believers. This occasion coincided with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the archdiocese.

Reflecting on Mary's pivotal position as Jesus's mother, Pope Francis underlined her unique ability to intercede and present human needs before Jesus, akin to her actions at Cana.

"Mary was the pioneering apostolic disciple, demonstrating to us, as followers of Jesus, the importance of listening to His teachings, contemplating them in our hearts, and sharing them with others," remarked the Pope. He expressed his hope that the pilgrimage experience would inspire each participant to embody the spirit of Mary, becoming missionary disciples by manifesting God's presence, kindness, and love in their encounters with the Lord.

Moreover, Pope Francis urged the members of the diocese to use the Jubilee festivities as an opportunity to recall their baptismal commitment, living as devout disciples of Christ. He specifically called upon the youth, the infirm, the elderly, and the impoverished to actively engage in acts of mercy, emulating Jesus's compassionate love.

Encouraging the faithful to serve as role models of mercy and solidarity, the Pope emphasized the need to explore innovative avenues for evangelization, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Concluding his address, Pope Francis assured his prayers for the entire Diocese's family and humbly requested prayers for himself.

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