Try these 'Totke' to get walthy and get rid of spirits
Try these 'Totke' to get walthy and get rid of spirits

You can use white colored Camphor in the worship of Gods and Aarti of Gods and Goddesses. Apart from this, very few people know that it is an object used in Tantric creations. It has an amazing ability to generate attraction, that is why it is used during Aarti so that the Gods can be attracted. In Tantric Kriya, karpar is used to attract souls or to invite them. Invocation of spirits is done very easily in the black smoke of Karpoor and the light of the lamp of Karpur.

Apart from this, Yakshani Sadhana is beneficial in Tantric actions, and the use of soot's date in an instrument designed to destroy enemies is considered very effective. By constructing a Shani Yantra from the date of Karpoor and wearing it, it removes the negative effects of Shani and increases the auspicious results. If you want to establish Sriyantra in the house for increasing wealth, then after placing Shriyantra in the place of worship, take her aarti from Karpoor and meditate on Goddess Lakshmi. With this, Shriyantra shows its influence quickly.

Apart from this, if there is no money in the house, then in the evening, light the lamp of Karpoor in your house of worship and turn it around in all the rooms, meditating on God and after performing Aarti in Tulsi and put it back in the house of worship. This removes the negative energy effects in the house, Lakshmi resides. People at home are often getting sick, so burn some camphor in the bedroom every evening.

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