Read this story on Sawan Som Pradosh Vrat

Jul 29 2019 11:53 AM
Read this story on Sawan Som Pradosh Vrat

You can tell everyone that today is a dosha fast and the fall of the second Monday of Sawan is considered to be very important. So today we are going to tell you the story of Pradosh Vrat that you should listen to on this day.

According to a legend mentioned in the Skanda Purana, in ancient times, a widowed Brahmin would take her son for alms and return to the evening. One day when she was returning with alms, she saw a beautiful child on the banks of the river, the prince of Vidarbha, Dharamgupta. The enemies had killed his father and usurped his kingdom. His mother died of famine. The Brahmani adopted the child and brought him up. After some time, the Brahmins went to the Deva Temple from Dev Yoga along with both the children. There he met Rishi Shadilya. Rishi Shadilya told Brahmani that the child he had received was the son of the king of Vidarbha, who was killed in the war and his mother was fed by The Graha. Rishi Shadilya advised Brahmani to fast the dosha.

The two children also started fasting with the sage command. One day, the two boys were walking in the forest when they saw some Gandharva girls. The Brahmin boy returned home, but Rajkumar Started talking to Gandharva Virgo, Dharamgupta "Anshumati". Gandharva Virgo and Rajkumar were fascinated by each other, and Virgo invited the prince to meet his father for marriage. The other day, when he came again to meet Gandharva Kanya, Gandharva Kanya's father told him that he was the prince of Vidarbha country. With the permission of Lord Shiva, Gandharvaraj married his daughter to Rajkumar Dharamgupta. Then Rajkumar Dharamgupta regained over the land of Vidarbha with the help of the Gandharva Army. All this was the fruit of fasting the Prados of Brahmani and Rajkumar Dharamgupta. According to Skanda Purana, a devotee who listens to or reads the Pradosh Vrat Katha after The Siva Puja on the day of Pradoshvrat is never impoverished for a hundred births.

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