Pramath Bhat talks about the fashion world,pros and cons of being a Model !

Pramath Bhat (Born on July 3rd 1996) is a Founder of Pramath’s Star company international Modelling Agency.He is a Ramp walk trainer who has trained many aspiring models,national & international director,also known as fashion model with his looks,various works he has been in the industry for actively 3+ years with the remarkable success who has rocked across the globe pramath bhat is also known as Pramath star.

1. no 9–5 job. Everyday could be a weekend if you wanted.
2. The jobs(shoots,shows etc) are usually enjoyable, different every time. Every job is different and the teams are usually different which makes it more exciting.
3. A clear mindset to workout and keep yourself in shape.
4. It’s an enjoyable industry if you really do like it, and you get to meet a lot of new people. Oftentimes, you get to work with page3 celebrities or celebrity models.
5. You feel good about yourself because you know you look best.
6. You enjoy it to the fullest when you are at the top of your carrier with lots of name,fame & earnings.

1. if you want to make a top living doing this, you need to have dedication, decency and patience along with having good communication is must also top physique and being able to sustain it. Lots of discipline involved where most of the people fail. 
2. No constant income.
3. Constantly casting and constantly being rejected.
4. Lonely working job. This meaning you don’t have a fixed coworkers because every job is different and every person on set is always different. 
5. Constantly doubting yourself and your looks since the industry is mostly about how you look.
6. Being treated like an thing and not a human.
7. No clear future path since modeling is pretty short lived unless you can look like you 20 when you 40 which is possible and I have seen it.
8. Either Long working days or lounging around doing nothing.

Don’t give up so easily in this industry or any field as we all know that good things always takes time.Believe in yourself the world will believe you this is so true as I have personally experienced it on many occasions.Fashion Industry is full of competition what I feel is we should just focus on our strength & stop comparing ourself with others also we should focus on our flaws work on it until it becomes our strength.One with the firm determination will never fail in this industry or any field. 

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