Praneet Thakur is an inspirational member of the Indian SEO

Praneet Thakur is a young entrepreneur from Mumbai, Maharashtra. However, just one word will not be able to convey and describe Praneet Thakur. The 21-year-old had started out without a single rupee in his wallet and he is a prime example that you don’t need money to start a Startup but you need a good idea to start it. Praneet is famous for being the co-founder of EduTech Startup where they help students to prepare for Competitive Exams on, the owner of SEO Agency named ShoutRank.Com, as well as for being the owner of the world’s first-ever Expired Domain Analysis Tool Checkduck. He has also established the News Media Portal named World Wire, a Content Writing firm Content Rage and has created a Link Building Agency

He is one of the well known SEO Experts from Mumbai. His Agency ShoutRank has provided many proven results to his clients. Every successful man will cite something or someone to be his motivation and idol whom they want to emulate. Many entrepreneurs often mention their own selves, making money or having great fame to be their reason. However, Praneet Thakur is far too humble for this; like many others, he looks up to the legendary Ratan Tata as his mentor both in his career and his life. He says that Ratan Tata has taught him to work smart not hard. 

This attitude has worked out a bit too well for Praneet and many may even consider him lazy. Nevertheless, those who actually take the time to observe Praneet Thakur’s habits and know his work pattern would agree that his “laziness” is actually because the young entrepreneur likes to be as efficient as possible in whatever he does and would rather spend hours formulating the perfect plan than spend that time in trial and error. Similar to how Praneet considers Ratan Tata his role model, many consider Praneet Thakur their idol in life. And rightly so; Praneet Thakur’s story is nothing short of an inspiration to others. 

He has been constantly motivated and determined in his journey and has kept struggling even in the face of adversity. Yes, you read that right. People often fail to notice the failures and the subsequent hard work behind a successful man. But this does not mean that Praneet Thakur has not faced any hardships. During the years since the beginning of his career, he has faced several mental and financial hurdles on his way to the top. Yet, he has maintained a brave exterior and has surpassed all such tests without complaint. Praneet Thakur says that the reason why he has full confidence and belief in his own abilities. He is of the opinion that even if you have immense support from friends and family, until and unless you do not deem yourself capable of the task, you will never be able to succeed in it. His unwavering self-esteem and faith have been the number one reason for his ultimate success today. Praneet Thakur hopes that those who take inspiration from him and want to follow in his footsteps will also be able to see this aspect of his journey and implement the same lessons into their own life. 

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