Prashant Kishor made this big revelation on forming a new party

Patna: Election strategist Prashant Kishor today made the situation clear by holding a press conference on his entry into politics. "At the moment, I am not going to form any political party but I will talk to 17,000 people. If in this situation, all the people are ready to form a party, then the party will be considered, but that party will not be mine only but of all those who will contribute to it. We'll go along step by step.''

Apart from this, Prashant Kishor has also announced a 3,000 km 'Padayatra' from West Champaran in Bihar from October 2. He said there is no election in Bihar at present, so there will be no talk of forming a party right now. I will spend the next 3-4 years in reaching out to the people of Bihar. PK said that he will go to the villages for Jan Suraj and contact one person each.

Prashant Kishor said that Bihar is today the most backward and poor state in the country even after 30 years of Lalu and Nitish's rule. Bihar is still at the lowest position in the country on many parameters of development. If Bihar wants to be in the list of leading states in the coming time, it requires new thinking and new efforts. Prashant Kishor said that in the coming 10 to 15 years, if there is to be a change in Bihar, then you cannot reach the routes on which Bihar is running. It requires new thinking and a new effort. No one can claim that this thinking and the ability to try a new thing is with any one person. Every citizen of Bihar needs to come forward and only then the condition of the state will improve. PK said that many persons say that votes are received only on the basis of caste in Bihar. I am trying to connect all the people of the society and not the caste. I was waiting for Corona to end so that I could work on a new plan. If I had started the journey due to Corona, people would have questioned me.

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