Has Prashant Kishor made Nitish-Tejashwi's pair? Know PK's answer

Patna: Nitish Kumar is going to take oath as the Chief Minister for the 8th time in Bihar today. This time with the support of the Grand Alliance, Nitish Kumar is going to sit on the CM's chair. The reaction of political strategist Prashant Kishor has come to the fore. PK has said that he had no contribution and no role in this entire incident. Along with this, he said that he has no desire to do so.

At the same time, when PK was asked how do you see this change of this Bihar, he said that this is the 6th government in the last 10 years after 2012-13. The period of political instability that has started in Bihar is the next chapter of that. Two things are stable in this, in which the first thing is that Nitish Kumar remains the CM and the next thing is that the poor condition of Bihar is also intact. PK further said that Nitish Kumar has tried different formations. Nevertheless, best wishes to the new government of Bihar. When PK was asked that when Grand Alliance was being formed in Bihar, you were its main pillar. Now again the Grand Alliance has come to power in the state, so what do you think Nitish had left it or was it his (Nitish's) fault?

On this, Prashant Kishor said that when the Grand Alliance was formed in 2015, it had a different perspective. He left the NDA in 2013 and the election was fought on the agenda that Nitish Kumar was seen as an alternative to Modi Ji. The elections were fought together with the Grand Alliance, though the latter went with the NDA. But, later did not contest the elections together with the Grand Alliance, won and came from the NDA. That's why this is a model of governance, there is no electoral politics in it.

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