Along with Delhi, Maharashtra, threat of 'Omicron' is increasing rapidly in these states too

Mumbai: The dreaded variant of Corona is spreading rapidly in Delhi, Maharashtra as well as in many states of the country. In fact, in the last few days, the Omicron variant of Corona has entered many states of the country. In which Delhi and Maharashtra are becoming hot spots for the Omicron variant of Corona, but in these two states as well as Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala, Rajasthan, the Corona Omicron variant is spreading rapidly. According to the Corona update released by the Union Health Ministry on Friday, the maximum number of cases of Corona Omicron variant has been reported in all these states till Friday.

The Omicron variant of Corona, which is rapidly infecting people abroad, is spreading rapidly in the country as well. According to the Union Health Ministry, 122 new cases of Omicron infection have been reported in India in a single day. So on the other hand, the number of people recovering from Omicron infection in a day has been only 10. Alam is that where the total number of patients who have tested positive for the Omicron variant of Corona in the country has reached 358. So at the same time, according to the Union Health Ministry, 244 active cases of the Omicron variant of Corona have been reported in the country till Friday morning. In which the most active cases have been reported in Maharashtra and Delhi. As of Friday morning, 46 active cases of the Omicron virus have been registered in Maharashtra. So in Delhi also 44 people have been found infected with Omicron till Friday morning.

State-wise total cases of Omicron registered up to 24th The September:-
Maharashtra – 88
Delhi – 67
Tamil Nadu – 34
Karnataka – 31
Gujarat – 30
Kerala – 27
Rajasthan – 22
Haryana – 4
Orissa – 4
West Bengal – 3
Andhra Pradesh – 2
Uttar Pradesh – 2
Chandigarh – 1
Ladakh – 1
Uttarakhand – 1

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