Pregnant woman horrified over ‘horrible, vicious’ note left on car

A pregnant woman was horrified when she found her car had been damaged by another driver – but the real kicker was in the scrawled note left behind. A heavily pregnant woman is distraught after a “vicious and horrible note” was left on her parked car. Anne-Marie Burke, who is due to give birth in less than two months, had finished work at a shopping centre in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, when she realised her new car had been damaged.

She discovered her white BMW X5 with a scratch along its side – and a note left under the windscreen,  The note read: “I hit the back of your car because it was so badly parked. “I’m only leaving this note because people are watching and they think I’m leaving my name and address.” Anne-Marie was shocked at the cheek of the person who had written the note. “The damage isn’t too bad to be honest, but the note was quite vicious and horrible,” she told MyFermanagh.

“I didn’t think it was very nice. I’m not cheeky and wouldn’t take up two spaces or anything like that. “To think that people were watching you and would go to the hassle of writing a note to blame me for the fact that you obviously can’t park, and then hit my vehicle and just drove off.” She went on to say “I probably wouldn’t have called them anyway” as the mark was “only small”, but the nasty nature of the note had driven her to contact security at the shopping centre.

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