Answer these questions to prepare yourself for upcoming exams
Answer these questions to prepare yourself for upcoming exams

Today, we have come up with some questions and answer which we help you to prepare yourself for the coming competitive exams.

What should be the minimum age required to become the Prime Minister of India? – 25 years
What to put in water to remove the hardness of water? – Sodium carbonate
Which is the useful part of the cauliflower plant? – Fresh floral group
Which game is the Federation Cup? – Football
In which game is 'Knock Out' related? – Boxing
'Goal' is the autobiography of which famous Indian hockey player? – Major Dhyan Chand

Which year's Olympic Games did India not participate in? – 1944 AD
Who is in particular needed to digest food in the stomach? – Enzymes
Which is the food part in onions? – Stem
The first handicapped university in Uttar Pradesh has been established? – In Chitrakoot
The oldest engineering college in Uttar Pradesh is located? – In Agra
When is Wildlife Week observed? –First week of October
'Provident Fund Scheme' and 'Family Pension Scheme' were launched in which year? – 1952
Which viceroy is credited with establishing 'local self-government' in India? – Lord Ripon
Which ruler died due to falling from the stairs of the library? – Humayu

When was the Uttar Pradesh Council for Educational Research and Development established? – 1981 AD.
What was the first stage of the development of human civilization? – Hunting state
Folk painting 'Madhubani' is lokpiya in which state? – Bihar
In which dance style did Birju Maharaj gain laurels? – Kattired
Which state was started by the government' Tansen Samman'? – Madhya Pradesh

On which river are the 'Gadhi Sagar', 'Jawahar Sagar' and 'Rana Pratap Sagar'? – Chambal
What is the period of account year of the Reserve Bank of India? – April to March
Annapurna Scheme was implemented in which year? – 2000

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