Preparing For The Cold Winter Days - HHRD

75000 individuals. 19 countries. Winter is on its way. Therefore, we must get ready.

The worst time of year for refugees is winter because they must contend with harsh weather while having little access to supplies. The mortality toll has been steadily increasing throughout this season. The elderly and newborns make up a significant portion of these fatalities since they are sick and unable to defend themselves in these extreme circumstances.

We have seen the plight of so many refugees on a global scale. Refugees from Syria crossed borders and abandoned everything in search of safety in Jordan. Bedsheets and blankets are put together to create the walls and roofs of their dwellings. Just enough to block the light in the summer but not nearly enough to block the chill in the winter. Imagine following in the footsteps of the Rohingya refugees, who had to cross the sea to escape brutal persecution. They would have lost lives along the way before finally arriving in Bangladesh, where they would continue to perish from the extreme cold of the winter winds.

Or finding a way out as Yemeni refugees to flee famine to worry about if the frost will hit you first. These are only a handful of the hardships refugees encounter and those subject to persecution. For many people, so many orphans, even a tiny amount of assistance during the worst season could mean the difference between life and death.

This is where your assistance with HHRD takes over!

Our teams put a lot of effort into determining the requirements of marginalized populations, internally displaced individuals, and refugees. Then, we set about addressing those needs. For both refugee camps and disadvantaged communities, we put together supply kits. Our provision packages can differ from region to region due to the unique needs of each country where we operate. Nevertheless, surviving the winter and flourishing in the spring is the distribution's constant objective.

Our winter relief packages include food, blankets, clothing, and even toys. We are working in 19 nations this year to help and support 75,000 people. Our riches are also their wealth, and their misery is also our suffering. All that is required is for us to share it. We all live in one body as a world community. The bodily part in question hurts. Although we lack precise treatment, we have something that will help the healing process. Thanks to our winter relief packages, we can begin the mending process immediately.

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