President Biden Strongly Condemns Hamas as 'Pure Evil' and Prioritizes Gaza Crisis
President Biden Strongly Condemns Hamas as 'Pure Evil' and Prioritizes Gaza Crisis

Washington: United States President Joe Biden has strongly condemned Hamas terrorists, labeling them as "pure evil." He has emphasized that addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a top priority, recognizing the suffering of innocent Palestinians caught up in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, which began on October 7.

Biden went a step further, comparing Hamas to Al-Qaeda, stating that they make Al-Qaeda "look pure" due to the horrifying nature of their attacks and the loss of innocent lives. He reiterated the unwavering support of the United States for Israel and its commitment to addressing the crisis in Gaza. The President underscored the ongoing efforts in the Middle East region, including direct communication with governments in the area such as Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and other Arab nations, along with cooperation with the United Nations to provide support and humanitarian assistance in response to the Hamas attacks. He expressed a strong determination to secure the release of Americans held hostage due to these attacks.

President Biden had previously pledged "rock-solid and unwavering" support for Israel and initiated a major global diplomatic effort to rally international support for Israel and take action against the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The conflict between Israel and Hamas escalated significantly when Hamas launched a series of attacks, resulting in a large number of casualties. Since then, the conflict has led to casualties on both sides, with Israel claiming that around 1,500 Hamas militants were killed within its territory. The United States has also bolstered its military presence in the region in response to the situation.

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