Precious piece of moon in unsurfaced in office of the President of this country

There are many people all over the world who are famous for their unique feats. In such a situation, we can say with confidence that all the people of the world would like to see a unique piece of the moon and would also like to keep it in their house. A president has done such a thing and kept a piece of the moon in the office. The cost of this piece is so much that all your senses will go insane. This piece is not located anywhere else but in the office of US President Joe Biden.

However, this moon piece was brought under the Apollo expedition of NASA and it looks like a piece of common stone. If you consider a Washington Post report, Joe Biden has especially kept this moon piece in his office. By the way, you all will know that whenever a new President comes into office, all the changes are made there according to him. Under all these changes, a special moon sample has been placed in the office for Biden.

It is also being reported that this piece of the moon has been rented from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. If scientists believe this piece of the moon is also special because a scientist named Smith cut this stone from a big rock on Space Station 6. The price of this piece is priceless. It is about 3.9 billion years old.

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