Retail onion prices fall, exports may be banned till February

Nov 21 2019 01:47 PM
Retail onion prices fall, exports may be banned till February

The cabinet has approved import of 1.2 lakh tonnes of onions. The government took this decision to control the rising prices of onions and to make more availability in the domestic market.

Onion is being sold up to 60 kg

It is being told that in Delhi and other cities, onion is being sold up to 60 rupees per kg. Currently, Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan had announced import of one lakh tonnes of onions through the government-run MMT. Along with this, the government has also facilitated private imports and till December the phytosanetic and fumigation norms have also been relaxed.

Price may come below 60 rupees
Expectations of onion being cheap have increased considerably. In fact, private traders have placed orders for the import of onions, of which at least 1,000 tonnes of onions are expected to arrive by the end of this month. This will bring down the retail prices, which are still around Rs 60 per kg. A senior officer has given this information.

Earlier, onion prices in the capital Delhi reached around Rs 100 per kg, but the prices softened after the government took several steps. At present, onion prices in most parts of the country, including Delhi, are still around Rs 60 per kg. A senior official in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs said, "Private traders have told the government that they have imported small amounts of onions. Traders expect delivery of 1000 tonnes of onions by the end of this month.

Ban on onion exports till February
The government may continue the ban on export of onions till February to keep the prices on hold. The government imposed a ban on onion exports in September to curb inflation in the domestic market. Despite this, prices continued to rise in India. This was due to limited supply of onion from the largest onion producing states in the country. Earlier this month, wholesale prices of onions had come down from Rs 55 to Rs 40 per kg, the highest in six years.

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