Prince Harry turns a knight for Meghan
Prince Harry turns a knight for Meghan

Since the day, the Suits actress, Meghan Markle got hitched to her love, Prince Harry, a lot of  things and people have been keen on disrupting the peace of her life.

Unhappy with her marriage, Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, firstly made headlines by not attending her wedding. Post the wedding, he went on records to tell the world that he wasn’t invited. If that wasn’t enough, Thomas revealed all the personal conversations that he had with Meghan, regarding the royals and made it even more harder for Meghan to get along better with her new family.

However, all the drama that has been created in the couple’s life did not work to create a gap between them, as it was expected. Rather, Meghan and Harry have managed to grown even closer to each other, more than ever and we can completely believe, that “United will they stand.”

Meghan’s father has been doing a lot of publity grabbing acts which have caused a great deal of harm to Meghan and Prince Harry as well. However, Prince Harry has stood by Meghan’s side, all this while and he has beenprotecting her againstr all sort of negativity that has filled the air around them.

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