Principal and teacher continued to gang-rape the minor teacher and then...

Sep 19 2019 02:19 PM
Principal and teacher continued to gang-rape the minor teacher and then...

Recently, a case of crime has surfaced from Firozabad. In this case, the principal and the teacher together with the teacher who taught in a school in the city gang-raped her and made a video of it. According to the news, relations were made by blackmailing the teacher and during this time the teacher became pregnant. In this case, it is being told that on the complaint of the victim's mother, the police station has registered a case and started investigating the case.

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While media reports surfaced, the Army resident came to teach as a teacher in a public school in Kishori Nagar, a resident of the police station area, in the year 2018. In the case of the teacher, it is alleged that on May 3, the school's principal and A teacher called her to their room on the pretext and committed gang-rape.

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At the same time, there is an allegation in this case that the Principal and the teacher also made a clipping and after that blackmail started making relations with her. At the same time, the teacher became pregnant and when the information about the teacher's pregnancy was revealed to the family, everyone was shocked. This case cannot be called the first such case because many such cases have been reported before.

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