Gorakhpur Panchayat election candidate shot dead!

Apr 03 2021 10:09 AM
Gorakhpur Panchayat election candidate shot dead!

The former prime minister has been shot dead in Gorakhpur, UP. On Friday, the miscreants shot and killed him. Brijesh Singh was the former chief and BJP leader of Narayanpur and was also the candidate for the panchayat elections. Today, it has done by his own racket. It is reported that on Friday night he was going back home from the village to the city while the miscreants shot him.

Brijesh Singh was admitted to medical college for treatment after being shot, but he could not be saved. As soon as his family was involved in the incident, they immediately reached the hospital and started making a ruckus there. The family also questioned the law and order of the state. On the spot, SSP assured the family of justice and said that his murderer will be going to be taken to custody soon.

Family demanding arrest of killers: Brijesh Kumar was immediately admitted to medical college by the people on the spot, but he lost his life till then. His family is engaged in demanding the arrest of the killers. The police officer is to speak that the matter is under investigation. The accused will be taken into custody soon.

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