A man married to eight women then forced them to do this shameful act

Apr 01 2021 02:19 PM
A man married to eight women then forced them to do this shameful act

A shocking incident reported from Andhra Pradesh , Vizag. In this incident a man married as many as eight women. After marriage he forced them to come into prostitution. Recently this incident reported in the city.

As per report, Accused was Arun Kumar married to eight women. He is also has links with ganja smugglers. It is also reported that he was even tried to sell away his first wife’s daughter to a brothel house and also threatening to kill them if they did not oblige him. As per recent report it is reported that he had forced his first and second wives into prostitution and tormented them. After his torment the women complained to police last month, saying that their life was in danger.

However, In this case the police, did not take any action and therefore, women had approached women’s organisations for help.  When the matter was taken to the notice of City Commissioner of Police Manish Kumar, the latter has issued orders for the arrest of Arun Kumar. Director General of Police Gautham Sawang was also said to be upset that the police failed to register a case against the culprit so far and directed the CP to take stern action on him immediately.

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