PRIYAM KAPOOR: A Programming Guru with a Digital Marketing Tint

How often do you come across Young People who can teach stuff as if they dream about it? We got to interview one such type of person. Priyam Kapoor is just 20 Year old, but has helped so many people, students and professionals, in the world of programming. He comes from Kanpur, a city in UP, India. Even though coming from a not-so modern city, where technology is not that advanced, Priyam mastered technical skills of programming in multiple languages from a young age of 12. Priyam has trained more than 2000 college students and also working professionals in the field of Python Programming and Data Science at this age which is a feat to achieve. 

Early Life 

The opportunities need to be explored. You can not get them served. Priyam Kapoor was an above average student in school who explored coding and programming at an early age. He always thought of a plan of getting settled soon in life by getting a job and working hard. But he didn’t follow any rat race. Instead of going with a mainstream course like BTech, he went with a BCA from Symbiosis International University which is more of a programming course. 

Pandemic as an Opportunity and EduYear

Even after joining the college, the vision for the future was not clear. Despite that, he kept on improving his programming skills and soon was expert enough in Python. The turning point of his life was when the corona pandemic hit the world. He met Yuvraj Singh,co-founder of EDUYEAR, through Instagram. The two got to know about each other's plans and skills. Yuvraj invited Priyam to join Eduyear. Eduyear is an edtech startup. He started sharing his knowledge with people associated with the Instagram page and helped in the growth of the startup. At the same time, Priyam got his first opportunity to teach students. He taught at Campk12 and Toppr. He got amazing feedback.

Looking at feedback, Priyam decided to give industrial training to the people. And joined the cause of Eduyear, affordable and quality education. His style of teaching is quoted as different and fun by many trainees. And today he has achieved such a big number of students. Priyam was also invited as a speaker at various IEEE and Google DSC events.

On January 16, 2021, Priyam published an ebook on Python, named Python: The Meme Book. Which he created keeping learning with fun in mind. On the journey, he met Ashish Sukralia, the other co-founder of Eduyear. Who has since guided him to achieve more feats in life. He is also a part of the team of a short gaming video app named EcypaX.

Digital Marketing and Celeb Heist

To increase his versatility and become an all round techie, Priyam Kapoor started to scratch the skills of Digital Marketing and SEO under Ashish Sukralia. Now, he has launched his own media news sharing website named Celeb Heist. Where people can get the latest updates about their favourite celebs and trends. He has also started working for different clients and helping them to build their online presence. And this is not the end of the 20-year young entrepreneur, as there are more such milestones to achieve. Let’s wish him luck.

You can connect with Priyam Kapoor on Linkedin and Instagram.

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