Priyamani explained the romance between the hero Tarun and Priyamani

Nov 22 2020 10:00 PM
Priyamani explained the romance between the hero Tarun and Priyamani

It is natural to have gossip between heroes in the film industry. Together, the photos are posed Rumors continue to be something between them, even if they are unexpectedly met.  Such news has been made on social media platforms and are doing so on many actors. But recently, a news message was that the hero Tarun and Priyamani, who starred in the new vasantham movie, had a romance. Priyamani recently mentioned some of the things that happened during the shooting of the movie in 2005. Priyamani said that Tarun's mother had asked her to marry her son.

"I was introduced to Tarun during the shooting of The New Spring. He is a good costar. He is very helpful. His behavior has made him very close. There is a good friendship between the two. We went to lunch and dinner many times with that introduction. There are many rumors on them as usual on celebrities. We were in love with stories. This is the case at Tarun's house. One day, Tarun's mother Roja Ramani came and spoke to me for a while. I know that both are in love, and if you like, You should marry Tarun. Her words shocked me all the time," priyamani said.

But tarun explained that she had told her that she was only friendship and that she had completely misunderstood them. It is natural to have such news in the film industry. Tarun, who has been away from the silver screen for a long time, seems to be planning to start a production company. On the other hand, Priyamani, who is still on the screen, married Mustaf Raj in 2017. Venkatesh is acting as heroine in Narappa movie.

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