Priyanka Gandhi targets Central government over rising fuel prices
Priyanka Gandhi targets Central government over rising fuel prices

New Delhi: The Congress has attacked the Modi government over increasing fuel prices in the country. Taking a dig at Modi government, the Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that all day in the week is an expensive day, the day the oil prices do not rise, the BJP should declare a good day. She wrote on Twitter, "The BJP government should name the day of the week as Good Day on which the price of diesel-petrol is not increased. There are 'expensive days'."

Rahul Gandhi, the former national president of the Congress, has also targeted the Modi government over the rising prices of petrol and diesel. While sharing a photo of several headlines related to inflation, he wrote in his tweet, 'Development of inflation!'. Robert Vadra has also announced by tweeting that till oil prices do not come down, he will go to his office by his bicycle. Not a good day for the general public, but expensive days.

On the other hand, Rajasthan CM and Congress leader Ashok Gehlot has also attacked Modi government by tweeting sequentially. He wrote that the rising oil prices are the result of the wrong policies of the Modi government. He wrote, "The common people are plagued by the prices of petrol and diesel. For the last 11 days, prices have been increasing continuously. This is the result of wrong economic policies of Modi government. Crude oil prices in the international market are currently half of the time of UPA but petrol and diesel prices have reached an all-time high.


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