Priyanka Gandhi Warns: BRS Poised to Govern from 'Farmhouse' if Voted to Power
Priyanka Gandhi Warns: BRS Poised to Govern from 'Farmhouse' if Voted to Power

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra criticized the ruling BRS regime led by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, asserting that if voted into power again, they would govern from luxurious farmhouses. She accused the BRS of having "big" leaders residing in farmhouses who run the government, highlighting a growing wealth gap where the poor are getting poorer while the ruling party grows richer. Speaking at a campaign rally in Bhongir, approximately 50 kilometers away, she warned of a scenario where the state would be ruled by the liquor mafia if the BRS retained power, with a lack of job opportunities.

Gandhi Vadra urged people to support the Congress and outlined the party's "six guarantees" for the upcoming November 30 assembly polls. She criticized the BRS leadership for favoring big businesses, neglecting the interests of small business owners, the middle class, as well as marginalized communities like the poor, Dalits, and Adivasis. According to her, the policies of the BRS and BJP solely aim to maintain power and amass wealth for themselves and their party members.

She accused the BRS government of rampant corruption at all levels and claimed that major projects, such as the Kaleshwaram irrigation project, remained incomplete. Gandhi Vadra alleged a collaboration between the BJP and BRS in Telangana, along with support from Asaduddin Owaisi's AIMIM, forming a bloc against the Congress in the state. She highlighted the BJP's increasing wealth and accused them of favoring industrialist allies at the expense of the country's wealth.

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