Prodigy Mike Yang Talks about Family and Career

Wenjie Yang, who goes by Mike Yang, has had great achievements in the music industry thanks to his violin talent. Now majoring in acting at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Yang has nothing but more success coming in his way. In an interview with us, he talks in great depth about his family and their role in his career.

Pressure Growing Up  

Yang faced much pressure from his parents during his childhood as they held him against high standards. He was expected to be multi-talented and academically excellent at a very young age and it was hard for him to manage both at the same time. But his parents never stopped pushing and encouraging him. He told us that he the thought of giving up on violin from time to time but his parents were the reason why he persisted. Yang said: “they have made me who I am and I owe my success to them.” He talks of all the tough love from his parents and he is simply grateful for them. He said that if it wasn’t because of his parents, he wouldn’t have learned the value of persistence and hard work. The work ethic that he embodies today has long been instilled in him and continues to be a decisive factor in his life.

Treat Others How You Want to be Treated  

One of the biggest lessons he learned from his parents when he was much younger was to treat others with respect. They taught him that every one is an equal and deserves to be treated equally. “My parents would always tell me to embrace others with all my heart and to never wrong anyone,” Yang said. The moral lessons they have taught have stuck with him his whole life and are certainly a big part of his personality.

Generosity and Freedom   

Although one may define his family as a traditional Asian household, they are also very liberal in many areas. Unlike many other Asian parents, his parents are surprisingly supportive of his artistic endeavor and his decision to study acting at NYU. He says that he feel forever lucky about this and all the freedom they have allowed him. “They just want me to do what I love and always have so much faith in me,” he said. They make him feel secure and he wouldn’t have been where he is without their unconditional love. 

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