V Shantaram used to make silent films, his film was in theatres for 134 weeks

Noted filmmaker Shantaram Rajaram Vankudre, passed away on this day. V Shantaram was one of the filmmakers of Indian cinema who carried cinema forward with him. Shantaram was a filmmaker of the time when silent films were made in the country. It was during this time that he started his career in cinema. Shantaram is said to have not made his first speaking film but he is credited with starting the use of technology in films first. He made more than 90 films in his career and was a director of 55 films. He was also honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the highest honour in cinema given by the Government of India. He was awarded the award in 1985.

V Shantaram started making challenging films from the beginning of his career. The list includes silent films like 'Netaji Palkar,' 'Gopal Krishna,' 'Udaykal.' After making these films, Shantaram also made great speaking films like 'Amrit Manthan,' 'Amar Jyoti.' The issue of each of his films was different and that made him famous. Shantaram made the 1937 film 'Duniya Na Mane' and the film is made in Marathi with Hindi as well as the title 'Kunku.' With this film, Shantaram highlighted the abuse of women in Indian society with courage. At the same time, he also portrayed child marriage in his film and showed the film at the Venice International Film Festival. The film was appreciated by both the audience and critics everywhere.

Among his best films, 'Pinjra' was also one in 1972 and is basically a Marathi film but in the same year, Shantaram also released it in the Hindi language. Noted theatre artiste Shriram Lagoo started his career in films with this film. This film is also known for the best dance performance of actress Sandhya. This is the last of Shantaram's best films. The film is said to have continued for 134 weeks in Pune, Maharashtra, and the story was about a school teacher and a spectacle ruse. The film won the National Film Award next year for being the best Marathi language film. V Shantaram is not in this world at the moment but people have not forgotten him.

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