Professional Fitness Model-Trainer Sharlette Villatoro Beat Depression Due To Exercising & Healthy Habits

May 04 2021 11:05 AM
Professional Fitness Model-Trainer Sharlette Villatoro Beat Depression Due To Exercising & Healthy Habits

It is said that giving even 15 minutes of your day to exercising will help in increasing the energy levels make you feel happier. Sharlette Villatoro from Guatemala agrees with it as fitness helped her battle depression and anxiety and she emerged out as a fighter. Today, she is an acknowledged professional fitness model, coach and trainer. In the past few years, fitness model/trainer Sharlette Villatoro has trained many people one-on-one and changed their lives for the better. With an application called Trainerize, Villatoro connects with her clients, helps them with meals plan, trains them, and keeps track of their progress. 

Today, with her training and guidance, Sharlette has changed the lives of hundreds of people by helping them obtain their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But the journey to reach this stage was quite severe for her. She shares, "Before I started my fitness journey, my life was a wreck. I was so insecure about myself. I hated my body. I drank a lot. I ate really bad or sometimes not at all. Never exercised. Had really bad sleeping habits."

With time, Sharlette started focusing on herself and decided to be a professional athlete. Her life showed a wonderful positive change in no time. Talking about her accomplishments, she has won first place (thrice) and second place in the NOC Bikini contest. The fitness enthusiast also became a National Qualifier, became a WBFF winner, and made it to the top 10 globally during the virtual competition amid pandemic. Her goal is to become a USA champion in the future. 

At 38, Sharlette Villatoro has shown us that one can achieve their dreams if one has the will to do so. She wants to tell people what a positive impact fitness and exercising have on people's mental and physical health. Villatoro also has an encouraging message to people, "Do what you want in life. Follow your heart. Don’t ever give up. And always remember that failure is a lesson. You have to get up and keep going. Don’t stop!" 

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