Protein powder is harmful to the face, know how

Jun 18 2019 05:20 PM
Protein powder is harmful to the face, know how

People often use the same protein powder to fit the body. Dried powdermade from milk, butter, casein and soy. It affects the body but also causes damage that you are going to give you information about. People consume protein powder to meet the protein requirement. Most fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders consume powder for muscle growth. Protein powder meets the requirement of protein in the body, but also produces some side effects.

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Protein powder contains a variety of hormones and bioactive peptides that increase the sebum. Growth of cibum causes acne problem on the skin.

Nutrient deficiency
The lack of nutrients in the body may occur by consuming protein powder. If you consume natural protein foods like eggs, milk and meat, there is less of a problem. Protein powder provides more protein which is density. Its consumption can cause nutritional deficiencies.

intestinal microbiota
They are the source of some compounds such as protein lactoferrin. These compounds increase the risk of adult gat flora. This can cause stomach problems and gas or indigestion problems.

Toxic is:
Cheap protein powder contains poisonous, which is harmful to the body. It can cause headache, fatigue, constipation and muscle pain.

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