Follow these tips, won't be afraid of infection during bus travel

Sep 03 2019 10:29 AM
Follow these tips, won't be afraid of infection during bus travel

We mostly use public transport. Whether traveling to the office or elsewhere, many times we travel by public bus. It is also right from the traffic point of view and it is also good to avoid the risk of driving during the rainy season. But many times you also see that in the monsoon season, there is fear of infection inside public transport. Problems like cough, cold, and viral are very common, which often spread to us from each other. But there are some special tips to avoid this.

Use clove
If you do not want to eat ginger candy, you can also put a clove in the mouth. It is an effective way of preventing diseases spread through the breath. Due to people sitting around you in the journey of a few hours, it keeps you away from the effects of cough, cold.

Skin diseases
After using public transport, please wash hands so that germs on the hands are cleaned. Try not to touch around your face and neck with your hands during the journey. Sometimes skin infection is caused by dirty hands.

Reach home and drink brew or pepper tea
While traveling by metro, bus, auto or cab, if you were sitting or standing near someone who had a problem of cough or cold, then on reaching home, you must take pepper tea, basil decoction. If you do not want to take it, you can also take black tea or coffee. But the first two things will give you more security.

Turmeric milk
If you like to drink milk, then you can go home and prepare turmeric milk. In particular, children should be given turmeric milk to prevent infection and seasonal diseases.

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