Father killed his two daughters then did suicide himself, reason was very minor

Apr 19 2021 12:00 PM
Father killed his two daughters then did suicide himself, reason was very minor

Mumbai: Crime cases are also increasing day by day amidst corona crisis. The case that has come up recently is from Maharashtra. A father got so angry here that he put his two daughters to sleep under the truck and then mounted the truck on them. According to the information received, both the daughters died on the spot. The case is being reported from Indori village of Maval block in Pune district of Maharashtra.

Here daughter was chatting with a young man on Whatsapp. As soon as the father came to know about this, he got so angry that he killed the daughter. When one of his daughters was chatting, he punished both of his daughters. In this case, his young daughter also lost her life unnecessarily. It is being told that after killing both of their daughters, the father has also killed himself.

The name of the accused is being described as Bharat Gyandev Bharatee. Bharat put his two daughters, Nandini Bharate and Vaishnavi Bharate, under the truck and put the truck on top of both of them to carry out the crime. At the same time, Bharate himself committed suicide by jumping from the truck. Now the whole village is in a ruckus and everyone has only one question in their mind. Everyone is asking, where is the justice of killing and committing suicide with such a small thing ...? 

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