Mayawati attacks Yogi government
Mayawati attacks Yogi government "Why govt. is punishing people due to their wrong economic policies?"

Home Guards Department After the decision to abolish the duty of 25 thousand Home Guard jawans in Uttar Pradesh, the churn has started regarding the duties of these soldiers, but politics has also started on this issue. BSP supremo Mayawati has put the Yogi government in the dock and asked: "why they are punishing millions of families by sacking 25 thousand home guards?".

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On Wednesday, BSP President Mayawati tweeted, 'Why is the UP government punishing people because of its wrong economic policies by dismissing 25 thousand home guards and giving lakhs to their families? This will increase more chaos in the state. Why is the government increasing unemployment more than giving employment? It is better if the government pays proper attention to the public interest".

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The police department had decided to abolish the duty of 25 thousand home guards personnel. A few days ago due to lack of police stations Home Guard personnel had been decided to impose the duty of law and order. For this, the Home Guard Department had given 25 thousand soldiers for police duty, who are handling traffic from police stations to squares. It is believed that the increase in funding to recruit past soldiers and home guards personnel it has been decided. However, the Home Guards portfolios Chetan Chauhan said that will not remove the Home Guard, all celebrate the Diwali good. He assured that no home guard will be unemployed.

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