This actor writes story, 'Sushant's pregnant manager, Suraj Pancholi, and Murder'
This actor writes story, 'Sushant's pregnant manager, Suraj Pancholi, and Murder'

Bollywood's very best actor Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer in this world. Many people are keeping different things about him. Meanwhile, a post by actor Puneet Vasistha is going viral everywhere. Earlier, Puneet told a story according to which Sushant's story has three parts - 'Sooraj Pancholi, Sushant's manager and Sushant himself.' In his post, it was written that 'if you want, believe this story and if you don't, you should.'

When people started making his story viral, Puneet edited this post on the last 30th of July and put FORWARD on the top of the post. He wrote, 'Are we so irresponsible that we will create stories between someone's life and death and send it to WhatsApp and even more irresponsible to forward those WhatsApp forwards. ' We are not considering this post of Puneet as correct, but we are telling you what he has written. According to him, 'Sushant was very close to his manager Disha Saliyan. She was in an affair with Sooraj Pancholi and no one was aware of this except Sushant. Both wanted to keep this affair hidden.'

He said, 'Disha had become pregnant with Sooraj Pancholi's child. Just like Jiah Khan was pregnant. Sooraj did not want to have a child and he broke up from Disha. There was a fight between Sooraj and Sushant over this and Sushant climbed into Salman Khan's eyes. He further said, 'Sooraj Pancholi constantly threatened to drop the child to Sushant's manager Disha. But she also wanted to keep this child, just like Jiah Khan. Disha used to tell everything to Sushant. Both were very good friends and like a good friend, Sushant supported Disha. One day, Disha was talking to Sushant on the phone and telling him the seriousness of the whole matter that Sooraj reached her apartment and Disha disconnected the phone. He further told in the story, 'After a while, Sushant's friend Sandeep Singh called him and told that Disha has given her life by jumping from the 14th floor. (Did Disha really committed suicide or did anyone push her?) Sushant knew all these truths and did not sit silent for long. He was about to raise his voice. He discussed this with his girlfriend Rhea and friend Sandeep Singh. Both told him to keep their mouths shut but Sushant could not remain silent on such a big crime.

Finally, he told the story of Climax. According to him, 'Rhea used to tell the whole thing to Mahesh Bhatt and Sandeep Singh was Sooraj's informer. He told Sooraj that Sushant is going to take the whole thing in front of the media. Sooraj has already been called a murderer and this news would end his entire career. So these people planned Sushant's murder and Salman Khan, Mahesh Bhatt, influential people in politics and the underworld supported him. This murder was done by Sandeep Singh, who stayed at Sushant's house after attending the party one night.'

He also said, 'There must be a limit to something and it is beyond this limit. How many such theories are going viral on social media, which are being read and accepted by people. This theory is affecting their mental state. It is hoped that people will understand their responsibility and stop speaking and writing such crazy stories. The spectacle of a man's death has been created and it will have to be closed somewhere else.'

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