Punjab: Dalit girl commit suicide after getting raped

Amritsar: A 17-year-old Dalit minor girl was kidnapped and raped by two young men from the village in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The victim could not bear this crime and she committed suicide by eating poison. The incident is on Sunday evening. After the girl's death, outraged relatives said that the girl's funeral was not done till the arrest of the accused. However, later on the assurance of the police, the victim was cremated late in the evening.  

According to media reports, a 17-year-old Dalit family girl from a village in district Hoshiarpur had gone to her friend's school for work on Sunday evening. Seeing him alone on the way, two young men of the village, Lovepreet Singh and Gurpreet Singh, forcibly put her in car and took her to the tubewell and raped her. After this, both the accused were taking the girl to some other place that on getting the opportunity, the victim jumped from her car and started shouting. 

After this, some people of the village admitted her to the hospital. On Monday, the girl committed suicide after consuming poison. The victim's family and villagers have pleaded with the police for justice. The police have registered a case against both of the accused.

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