Woman caught by police including partner; arrested for addiction

Jul 16 2019 03:27 PM
Woman caught by police including partner; arrested for addiction

Ludhiana: The habit of intoxication in Punjab made a young woman a smuggler. Police of Thana Habowal in Ludhiana district detained him along with his accomplice and recovered 230 grams of intoxicating substances. Police have registered a case of drug smuggling against the accused New Maya Nagar resident Sunny and New Patel Nagar resident Jyoti. SHO Inspector Navdeep Singh of Thana Habowal said that the police party had put a blockade on Baloki Road.

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Meanwhile, both the accused were riding on the Activa. When the police stopped the accused during the blockade and checked, they panicked. During the search, the police found the intoxicating substance. They bring intoxicating powder from the countryside and supply it to big cities. About half a dozen complaints of robbery and drug trafficking have been registered against the accused Sonny in the past.

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He has come out on bail. The accused, Jyoti, was also addicted to intoxication and the two met during drug trafficking. A case of drug smuggling against Jyoti is also registered at Habowal police station. Jyoti is also currently out on bail. The accused were produced before the court by the police. Both have been remanded to police custody. Police are in the process of interrogating the accused.

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